Dear Colleagues,

In the 3rdTherapeutics Update (TAP-TU) (Nov. 15-18, 2012) we plan to review the proposed solutions to the problems encountered in daily practice by the experts regarding the most important and perplexing issues in the psychopharmacology. As the DSM 5 day view has been approaching it will be a great time to discuss the therapeutic decisions for changing and improving diagnoses. Up to-date and state of the art practical solutions on various subjects will be discussed and mind-troubling questions will be answered by the Turkish and international speakers. They will also be sharing the newest trends about the difficult and challenging cases from their clinics and providing interactive presentations, courses, and with the use of hands-on training and workshops.

We are looking forward to seeing you all at the 3rdTAP Psychopharmacology Therapeutics Update 2012 Meeting in Antalya.

Kind Regards,

Prof. Mesut Çetin
Congress Co-President
Prof. Oğuz Karamustafalıoğlu
Congress Co-President